"You do not change things by fighting the existing reality. In order to change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete"

R Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path




arashaaz, copenhagen, 2014, iphone

arashaaz, copenhagen, 2014, iphone

The purpose is simple: enable people and organizations to maximize their positive impact. 


impact provoke thought action innovate always be ready to stand out be fearless share give live to your full potential smile everyday question everything serve humanity stay humble authentic integer think big go crazy accept that you are awesome

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About Kamangir

Photo Credit:  @ arashaaz

Photo Credit: @arashaaz

Arash Kamangir (Arash the archer) was a legendary figure in ancient Persia. The basic story of the bowman runs as follows: In a war between the Iranians and Turanians the General Afrasiab has surrounded the forces of the righteous Manuchehr, and the two sides agree to make peace. Both reach an agreement that whatever land falls within the range of a bow-shot shall be returned to the Manuchehr and the Iranians, and the rest should then fall to Afraisab and the Aniranians. Arash then fires the specially-prepared arrow at dawn, which then traveled a great distance before finally landing and so marking the future border between the Iranians and the Aniranians.

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drawing by margherita pagani, Ebbf barcelona 2013

drawing by margherita pagani, Ebbf barcelona 2013

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